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Are you ready to transform?

I wrote a post about this in the community on she surrenders website and you can read it there. Not a member yet? What are you waiting for? If you click on the community you will see how to do that. We are sharing more and more there and having some good conversations. Did I mention you don't have to put your name down? Just use an initial or another name you've always liked. So I am the real me there but if I was going undercover it would be Cher, loved her since the Sonny & Cher Sunday night show❤️

Here's a snippet of the post in the community:

If you are serious about transforming your life and letting go of the same old story, keep reading. I mean do you keep re-reading the same chapter every day? It gets old. I know this because if you saw the drinking meme I posted on IG and FB yesterday it hit close to home because that was me. ..

Read the rest of it in the community post!

One more thing, sorry for no Tuesday Testimony this week but there is a really good reason for that! She Surrenders podcast coming soon! You can read more about that here

Peace on your weekend,



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