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Sherry Hoppen

Meet Sherry

Have you ever tried detoxing on a bike?

I tried everything I could to get sober.

The keyword there is I. My middle name must be Jonah because whenever God asked me to try it His way I ran, (actually, biked) the other way. While I didn't end up in the belly of a whale, I did find myself on a seven-hundred mile bike trip...

My Story

She Surrenders started in a moment of being flat on my face and surrendering my alcohol addiction to God. I'd surrendered so many times (or so I thought), but this time would be different. I gave it to Him and said, "I will do it your way this time."  


To my surprise (and horror), He wanted me to get out there to speak and write about the very thing I had worked so hard to keep a secret. God always knows what He's doing, though, because the more I shared, the freer I became.

And that's what I want for you - to have a place where you can surrender your secret in a safe place. She Surrenders may have started with me, but it exists for you.

Sherry Hoppen

You need to understand your challenge to be equipped with how to conquer it.

Alcohol ruled every piece of my life for ten miserable years. While I am not proud of this time, it is important because it brought me to where I am today: sober and healing. On November 6, 2013, I made the decision to quit drinking, forever. I'm here to encourage you to dig deeper and surrender to God's leading.

My story is about a spiritual, emotional, and physical journey to draw nearer to God and a stubborn refusal to let addiction define who I am. While you don’t have to go on a bike ride across the country (yes I tried that) to surrender your secrets, I want to help you see what a new life in sobriety looks like.

Read more on the blog and get my book in the shop!


Selah House Recovery

God has done so many incredible things since that day in November of 2013 when I started living for Him instead of alcohol. Ephesians 3:20 is the verse I keep on my heart when things seem impossible, I sign my books with this verse to give others hope because He has done “more than I could ask or imagine.”


And He’s not done yet! As usual, His plans are way bigger than mine, and you can read all about His plans for Selah House Recovery

Just a few of my favorite things:

Favorite Activity:


Favorite Drink:


Favorite Food:

Costco Cake

Favorite TV Show:

The Office

Favorite Hobby:


Favorite Movie:

The Sound of Music

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