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Joyful Surrender is a safe place to ask for help, encouragement, and advice and find a small group of women in the exact same place you are in your sober journey. You or anyone else in the group can share resources, ask a question, celebrate a day one or a day 100, whatever you like!​ We meet virtually once a week, Mondays at 8 pm EST.

I promise you will never regret showing up to laugh, cry, and share for an hour is very empowering! We chat all week long in the member group. That's where we share resources, ask questions, and do sober life daily together. Try community, not isolation.

Together, we are stronger!


Share Your Story

God asks us to use our pain for his purpose. You can empower others to find freedom from addiction and assure them they are not alone in the battle.

To be considered for a feature on the podcast, please fill out this form. Sherry will be in touch within two weeks. 

You may choose to join anonymously, or you can use your name. 

We look forward to learning about your journey! 


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