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She Surrenders is on Sale!

Hi there, not an official blog post here, but I just wanted to let you know that all the website merchandise is on significant clearance and you, my subscriber friend, are getting a heads up!

Why are you clearing out all your merch Sherry? Are you rebranding? Getting out of the sober biz?


I am selling the She Surrenders merchandise basically at cost (or below) for a few reasons:

#1 The husband-he wants it out of the garage and has been very patient with the Rubbermaid totes taking up an entire shelving unit intended for, you know, garage things. Albeit he is a patient man and doesn't ask for much, so I am obliging; he also reads this blog...

#2 All of this merch was ordered to be in place for the speaking tour I was going to be a part of last spring. Then maybe it would happen in the fall; nope. Thank you, Covid, it's not happening.

#3 It's Christmas, and I would much rather have this for you to enjoy or to give away, than on a shelf in my garage. FYI, the sweatshirts are the softest and coziest you will ever own!

#4 Making way for some new things that will come out around the same time as my book, Sober Cycle. FYI release date is still April 29!

#5 Lastly, I am so sick of the graphic tees that "wine" about everything. That's all I'm going to say about that. Today.

So head on over to the website and check it out. The little bit we make on this goes right back into our ministry here at She Surrenders. It helps with our tech costs and paying the people I hire on occasion to do the things I have no idea how to do (of which there are many.)

If you are local and would like to do a porch pickup I am more than happy to do that! If you need shipping I am happy to do that as well, but that will be an additional cost. Just choose the option that works for you when you checkout!

The sale goes live tomorrow, so you are getting the first chance at the savings! It's my way of saying thanks for all the love and support you have for this special place here. A place where we can talk freely about all things faith-based recovery and find renewed strength to stay on the journey together.




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