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It's a great day to do something for the first time.

Happy Monday and New Year! If you are a part of the Joyful Surrender Community you might have already seen this post. Many of you are not, so I wanted to email this information to you as well.

Although I think every day is a good day for a first, I want to invite you to a "first" tonight. Tonight is the first Joyful Surrender meeting of 2021! What used to be only offered in a FB group is being offered to you here in this new community space of Joyful Surrender. I invite you to jump into this first meeting of the year. If this is your first time joining me, I guarantee you will not be the only newbie, and even if you are, it doesn't matter. You don't have to share if you don't want to either. Our meetings are very informal, and quite often, the topic is chosen from the conversations we have. If no one has anything, I choose a topic, and we are off! The time flies, and I do my best to end at the one hour mark. If you have to leave earlier, just wave and leave the meeting. Below you will find all the information you need to attend the meeting. The link will be posted at 7:30 pm here in the community, giving you plenty of time to sign in and hang out in the waiting room. You will be alerted when admitted, usually just a few minutes before 8:00, and if you're a little late, don't worry; you can listen and catch up. Not familiar with Zoom? Here is a link that I think is very helpful. It will be helpful if you have downloaded the Zoom app beforehand. Also, I will ask you to have your video on. If you are not comfortable with that, sit in a dim room, but it's too hard to talk with each other when you can't see a face with the name. These meetings are all about connection, so it just makes sense. I do ask that you are somewhere quiet and private and free from interruptions (although I get it that they do happen.) More information below, and I hope to see you tonight! Joyful Surrender is a group for faith-based recovery that was only available on Facebook until now. For those that are not on Facebook but wanted to be a part of this group, it was not an option. Here you will find many of the same things that I dropped in there, or maybe on my, she surrenders page, or maybe in my stories, or maybe in a small group... I am exhausted just typing all the possibilities! The idea is I will be able to focus more on discussion and encouragement here in one place. Joyful Surrender also has meetings every Monday Night at 8:00 ET (Michigan Time.) Who are these meetings for, you ask?

  • Women (sorry, no boys allowed)

  • In recovery from alcohol addiction or trying to get there

  • maybe you are thinking about it, wondering if it is a problem, and you want some insight

  • faith-based

  • women with a sincere desire to encourage others

  • women that seek encouragement from others that are in (or have been) in their shoes

This community is not a secret like Facebook; however, you have to first subscribe to She Surrenders through the website and check the code of conduct to be a part of it. If you've told someone about this page and they can't access it, that is probably why. You do not have to use your name if you don't want to; use an initial or nickname if you are more comfortable. I hope to see more of you here, engaging in discussion and encouraging others. Thanks and have a great day! Sherry


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