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You are invited...

I want to invite you to Social Surrender, a safe place to have a conversation about all things addiction.

Head on over to my website and click on Community. You can explore a little bit, ask me a question, start a discussion, whatever you want. This is a safe place. You do need to sign up to comment and view. You can do so using your own name or a nickname if you would like to remain anonymous. I'm an open book so you'll see my name in there often.

It is easier than ever to keep up with the conversations. I put the WIX App on my phone and I can check in anytime, read what's new, and comment. You can do the same! You do not need to download the app to participate but it does make things very convenient. Follow the instructions in this link for the app: Here's a checklist of reasons you might want to join the conversations you are a female dealing with an addiction of any kind ✔️ you have an addict in the family ✔️ you are questioning if you have an addiction ✔️ you have concerns about a friend ✔️ you might be struggling to stay sober or stay in recovery from a substance✔️ you have questions about navigating sober life ✔️ you are fed up with the wine memes and are looking for a healthier community✔️ you are stuck in the house indefinitely because of a virus contaminating the world and you are desperate for conversation and could care less what it's about ✔️ Maybe it's you or someone you love that is struggling. The drug of choice might be alcohol, pills, food, shopping, relationships, self-harm, the list is endless. Let's talk, I believe there is strength in having people who know how you feel walk beside you through the hard stuff. We could just talk quarantine-we are all going to need recovery from that alone!

Talk Soon! Sherry


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