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Is your inbox a little fuller these days? Which inbox you ask? Well, there is the email one of course and then of course your head. Yes, your head. The holidays cause our inbox to be fuller than normal with a lot more coming in than what is going out.

Picture the inbox on your phone or laptop. Every time I open mine, emails roll in like a Vegas slot machine. Then they sit there, because I don’t have time to deal with most of them. In a moment of waiting in a line somewhere, or sitting in a waiting room I try to roam through the appealing sales or make sure I’m not missing anything important. Most often though its delete, delete, delete.

That’s what we need to do with the busy incoming into our heads during this season. IF you are like me it’s coming in way faster than what I am processing it. So my brain is filling up.

We need to process the incoming in the same way. Try this when you feel overwhelmed. Make a list of priorities physically in front of you (use a pen and paper)

  1. Delete what doesn’t matter-cross them out

  2. Number the items in order them of importance

  3. Proceed to knock them down one at a time

This is just for today, not the week or the month. Start fresh everyday and you will be ready to slay the day! I have to do things this way or I will lose my brain! Literally. I do best with schedules and plans and try hard to stay with what I have planned. However there will be those days of extra incoming, especially right now.

One more suggestion. How about unsubscribe so those pesky things don’t keep showing up? For emails this makes sense to us, but what about life? We can’t just unsubscribe from a lot of things but we can be choosy about what requires immediate attention.

I used to say when my kids were little, “if no one is bleeding it can wait.” Still true!

I Peter 5: 7. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.


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