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Updated: Aug 18, 2023

In this second week of the New Year, you might think our Joyful Surrender meeting would be all about "just don't drink" and "hang in there," and some of it was, but in JS, we take a different approach than most.

Faith and accountability are the main themes in our group, but we often share how we are growing in so many areas of our lives because we are NOT drinking. It is much more inspiring (and doable) to focus on who we are becoming and not list all the things we cannot do when trying to achieve a goal. That only works for some of us, and it's part of the reason that so many resolutions fail. I had to learn this by trial and error, and it was not a one-and-done kind of learning curve—countless years of trying the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. See the definition of Insanity. Very similar.

Today, we are 12 days into the new year, and I'd like to share what the first few weeks of January used to look like for me, and maybe you will see a glimpse of yourself here as well.

The week between Christmas and New Year began with extreme planning. Planning is a superpower of mine, but then again, so is orchestrating the plan(s). Let's just say I only have the first part of this superpower.

I was extremely skilled at wandering through HomeGoods for items to organize my home, purchasing

gym memberships and new fitness apparel to wear to the new gym, devotionals, companion journals, and clearing

the cupboards of junk food and wine (maybe). I had honed those skills to such perfection they belonged on a resume' for The Home Edit meets Biggest Loser with a bonus episode of Intervention. I daydreamed about what a year from now would look like and gave myself a pep talk that would impress any life coach.

Those notebooks were full of lists of what I could not do if I wanted to reach said outlandish goals. Now, as I mentioned in the first few sentences, it is much more helpful to focus on who I am becoming than cutting myself out of so many scenarios of life until there isn't anything left but dull lists and checked boxes that are suffocating instead of liberating. me. I am so glad that I have learned a different approach to growth in my life. This took a lot of work, so be patient with yourself if you are new to this approach! When I focus on who I desire to become and start with my "why" it is a beautiful reminder of who God is asking me to be as well.

I'm sharing a few beautiful why's from Joyful Surrender with you. Could you share some with us? Not everyone carries the drinking monkey on their back, but we all tote some form of the species with us on a daily basis.


What is motivating you to leave behind a stronghold?

That thing you want to cast off and never pick up again, but you don't let it get too far away (just in case.)


Spend some time talking with God about your plans. Be sure that your goals and who you desire to become align with God's will for you.

How do you know you are on the same page? As always, look to the words that you can always count on.

I look forward to hearing from you❤️

Peace on your weekend,



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