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The Maestro

I don’t play games. My family gave up game playing a long time ago. We are simply too competitive. However, when you are driving a car with one other person, you don’t have much choice to play along. I think of it as trapped!

My friend, Sue, went with me to Orange Beach last week. We got ahead of the big ice storm, but drove through torrential downpours for 17 hours. It was a longer drive than normal with weather like that, but hey, it was worth it. We woke up the next morning to glorious sunshine and six sun kissed beach days.

So, on the way down, she pulls out this game with question cards and it actually was kind of fun. (That says a lot coming from this non-game playing girl.) One of the questions was, “If you could play any instrument what would it be?" Without missing a beat (LOL) I said drums and she said piano. That became a kind of code for us the rest of the week.

When I would hold something up as we were shopping and say, "I LOVE THIS!" She'd be like, “Yup, that’s you drum!” and I would do the same when she was excited about something. I would say, “That’s so piano!”  

Here is what was cool about it though, even thought our tastes are different, we still made up a pretty good duet.

Piano is a shortened word from the Italian word pianoforte which means both soft and loud. Describes Sue perfectly and I say that with love.

Now for the drums, I always watch the drummer in the band. I'm amazed at how they keep the beat and have so many things going on at once. Good grief - I can’t even clap! It’s true. Maybe that's why I am so amazed. 

The best description I read about drummers is that they follow, but they also lead. Sometimes going off and doing their own thing, unexpectedly, if the spirit moves them. Drum solo. I love that, totally me living out loud. Sometimes playing along, but often likely to venture off on my own. Drum solo.

We went to church at the Florabama the first morning we were there. They had a guy playing bongos and Sue admitted that looked good to her too. It led me to think it’s okay to try a different instrument. To expand our horizon a little bit. I used to be a drum solo only kind of girl.  Living loud and making sure everyone knew it. Now, I tend to tone it back a little. I no longer need a stage. I’m not a one man show. I am part of a band in this life, actually an orchestra.

The seats are filled with all different instruments and I call them friends and family. 

When I think of my family as a band, it is easy to name what instrument each one is. Hint: there is another drummer… Sometimes we make beautiful music together and then there are times where one person is off key and we all sound terrible together. And that is when we have all stopped looking to God, the greatest maestro of all. We are looking down at our instrument to see what is going wrong. Looking down instead of looking up.  

"If even lifeless instruments, such as the flute or the harp, do not give distinct notes, how will anyone know what is played?" - I Corinthians 14:7 ESV

The Bible is filled with scripture about praising God with music. I have always said, “When I get to heaven, I'm going to ask God why he didn’t give me any musical talent.” Why am I not part of a band? I want to sing or be the drummer! 

Now I realize he did. I am part of a band. With a voice and the ability to play the instrument he assigns to me. 

I remember back in the days of piano lessons (of which I took many,) I was always told to look at the music, the instructions, instead of my hands. 

Therein lies the problem. I quit looking up - and then I screw up. 

I forget to keep my eyes on the maestro. The one who is in control of all relationships and orchestrating them to work together. Family, friends, co-workers, government, any relationship where you are required to get along.

I challenge you this week to identify which instrument you are in God's band and play it. Figure out which instrument those around you are and how you work together to make beautiful music. Ask yourself if you are giving a command performance.  

Joe, Abby and Otto are staying here with us the rest of the week. I don’t know what instrument this little guy is, but that kid gives us a command performance every day. 

And believe me, he has an audience, and gets lots of applause. 

Peace on your weekend,



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