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Slow Dance

You do realize we are almost halfway through May. I'm still thinking about April! I knew April and May were going to be a whirlwind of months for us, but WOW.  

Last week, I wrote about our time in Nashville with the family. My daughter and I ran the Nashville Marathon. I am completely recovered. By last Wednesday, I was feeling pretty normal surprisingly. So much so that I was like, "Maybe I should train for another…"

Shut that stupid thought down right away! Not happening. It actually is a gorgeous morning here and I am determined to get a quick bike ride in. I just need to check in with my inner biker and be reminded of how much I love cycling.

We leave for a week of travel to Europe this week. Follow me on Instagram and watch my stories for some updates! (I'm still learning how it all works.) 

Because we are leaving this afternoon, my message is short and sweet. I hope to pass along some thoughts this week more on Facebook and Instagram.

Not to mention, getting ready to leave for a week on top of everything and because I hate to pack, there are always consequences. There might have been a flurry of Monday madness to get out of here. Craig knows now to just leave me alone for a few hours while I make a huge mess, weigh it, take stuff (shoes) back out, and weigh it again. 

Maybe I am in a bad mood while I'm packing because I have to keep weighing myself! Truth moment, I used to drink while packing and spend the entire flight wondering what I brought because I couldn’t remember what I put in there. I would look at what I brought when we unpacked and be like, “What was I thinking?” 

Okay - enough about my packing woes.

I want to share these important words in this busy season of graduations, weddings and just moving forward in the seasons of life.

Up until the packing, I just tried to soak it all in all weekend. All these events.  

Cherish the moment.

Our weekend was full of beautiful things. Big events in loved ones' lives.

The Wedding - Kirk and Heather, your day was stunning and we could not be happier for you.

Graduation - So proud of our girl, Olivia! More to come on that one.

Tickling Otto’s feet while we waited for Olivia to cross the stage.

My husband reaching for my hand at Baccalaureate when our daughter walked in. 

Babysitting Levi and Landon during wedding rehearsal and having them both in my 90’s jetted hot tub for two.

Landon pouring water over Levi’s head and not caring.

Slow dancing with my husband. When the song we both love came on and making eye contact across the room.

When Loren and Stephanie walked into the wedding reception together and I felt that mom surge (you know what I mean, moms) of love for them.

Watching my son-in-law and daughter on the college campus where they met, pushing a stroller.

I was sober for every moment.

I used to drink before social events. It didn’t matter if the event was for family, friends, or strangers. I didn’t know how to do anything sober. I remember the first time I laughed sober. I mean really laughed. I was amazed it could even be.

I also remember the first time I hurt sober. It hurt more than what I could’ve ever imagined.  

Every first is hard, but getting through it sober, is beautiful.  

If you’re wondering if you are ever missing out on anything because you might be drinking too much. You are.

Peace on your weekend,



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