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Having traveled all of last weekend I heard "rerouting" all the time. Every time I got off an exit for gas or food, my GPS started screaming at me and then my watch that is linked to my phone started vibrating. It was like one wrong turn and everything went nuts! However, as soon as I got on track again everything calmed down. 

Do you see where this is going? I thought of this while I was driving (lots of time to think) and wanted to share it this week.

I have often said, I am an all-or-nothing personality. I accept that. When I have a task, an event, or whatever, I give it my all and often end up going a “little” overboard. I am also guilty of this in my personal life too. In my drinking days when I would fall, I would fall hard and one slip would lead to a week of binge drinking. It doesn't end with booze though.

I can play that head game with food too. Are you familiar with this one? “I already drowned my quesadilla with enough white queso cheese to float a boat, so I might as well get some fried ice cream to top it off.” I could also stop at Walgreens for a Cadbury Egg (yes, its that time of year again)! How about exercise? There’s another prime example in my life. I don’t know how to go for a bike ride, unless it's at least 20 miles.  

They aren't all bad extremes, some are harmful, some are helpful. It comes down to knowing when to get back on track to continue my task, sobriety path, healthy plan, or whatever else I need to focus on. Sometimes, we have to take detours to get to where we are going. It is important that when you set a destination, you take note of what will work to get you there. 

I know what works and what doesn't work for each scenario I listed, but that doesn't mean I always follow the rules either. I try. I know I CANNOT drink, ever. I have that one nailed and have accepted it and quit trying to figure out how I could get around this a long time ago. Over time the goal to stay sober became more important than trying to figure out how to “successfully” compromise my sobriety. 

Food, the other drug. If I eat like crap, I feel like crap. When I screw up I need to forgive myself and move on (reroute) and not decide to participate in a total Cadbury Egg fail. When I do a project, job, or a task I try hard to stay within the limits set for me. That bike thing? I’m over it! Last year was my first summer not training for the Ride4Life, and I learned I can truly enjoyed biking without a quota of weekly miles to meet.  

Just like our GPS, when we take a wrong turn it's easy to reroute, turn around, and get right back on track. Sometimes it's a matter of accepting that we can’t go back, we've gone too far off track and a detour is necessary. Even though it's all chaos when we go off course, it still shows us the easiest way to get on the right path again. Just like God shows us every time how to get back on track. If it is His route we are following. I took a lot of detours to get where I am today and even though I am still a work in progress, I am learning to take the road of obedience a lot sooner than I used to.

I hope this weekend finds you programming your GPS for the only road to follow. His.

Safe Travels to all my Spring Break Friends!  




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