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No Place Like Home

Well, if you know me and the way I pack for vacation, this quote is absolutely true! Never mind I like to shop on vacation as well (or anywhere for that matter.) Sometimes, much to Craig's delight (NOT!) an extra carry on to get home needs to be purchased. Needless to say, I traveled home with the ugliest, purchased-at-a-flea-market-for-$16-dollars, Hawaiian duffel roller bag you have ever seen. Hey, it worked though.  

So we're home, and life is busy and full and that's just fine with me! Except for adjusting to the time change (brutal), it's great to be back. I am a wee bit grouchy (understatement) because I am doing a sugar detox as well. Did you know Hawaii has their own special cookie store and they are on every street corner?!  

I wrote many things down over the last two weeks and there are a lot of experiences and perspectives I am anxious to share with you. So I am busy organizing my thoughts, my house, unpacking, and catching up this weekend with my family.

I appreciate all of you that faithfully read my blog each week.  It inspires me in ways you will never know. I am anxious to get back in my groove and share with you all the things I have had tumbling though my mind these last 2 weeks. See you next week!

Peace on your weekend,



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