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Miss Independant

This week, our theme in Joyful Surrender (you can learn more about that here) is based on a verse found in Proverbs.

Proverbs 3:6 NLT

"Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take."

We are challenged to memorize a verse each week, thus arming ourselves with accessories that go well with our sober lifestyle. Accessories previously were called "tools for your toolbox but we are all women in this group, so from now on, accessories are the new tools.

Speaking of accessories, I bought a graphic sweatshirt for the 4th of July this year: It said "Miss Independent" in red, white, and blue. In parentheses underneath, it should say “when convenient” I consider myself to be very independent. Kind of that “I can do this all by myself" kind of mentality, but then when I hit the wall of "I don’t know how (or want)to do this," I quickly morph into helpless woman mode.

Hey, I'm not ashamed.

Recently I blew a tire. Like it literally exploded. When it happened, I was not in a great area of town. The main road I was on, perfectly safe, but I know better to turn off from it. The side streets are not known for being very “welcoming.” So when the tire exploded, I freaked out and ducked my head down thinking there was shooting around me, not a good idea while driving. However, it did enable me to better see my instrument panel blowing up with warnings.

The main one being a tire with zero PSI and telling me to stop immediately. I just took the first right and coasted to the curb and immediately realized I was not in the best place. I composed myself and called for the roadside assistance that comes with the car. A perk until they tell you they are ninety minutes out, and oh you cannot get in the wrecker because of Covid-19 restrictions. I had to table that last bit of Covid information in my mind for another time. Why do the rules keep changing! Anyway, no way was I sitting here that long, and then what was I going to do? Hitchhike?

So I tried for a hot second to be an independent woman about this, and then I called Craig 911. He had a wrecker there in ten minutes. Longest ten minutes of my life!

Why the tire story? Because I want you to empathize with me? Noooo. Ok, a little, but the moral of the story is this; I am sailing along just fine in this world, I have an agenda, plans for the evening, and some praise music on my car speakers, and then bam - ABORT ALL PLANS!

No longer on my own but dependant on the husband and the wrecker to rescue me. I was happy to throw in the towel and let them take over. I was out of my league when the lingo of lug nuts and PSI levels entered the conversation. What a relief to know there was help on the way!

So why don’t I do that with God? Why do I try to do life on my own and only wave the white flag for help when I am stuck? When every warning bell in the instrument panel of my brain is saying STOP, but yet I drown it out until I am unable to go forward on my own. When I can literally not go any further and THEN I call on God. I could have relief from my dilemmas so much sooner if I did.

This is very applicable in addiction. Instead of seeking God when the craving hits, we turn to the very thing causing the problem. Whether it is booze, sugar, social media, shopping, or porn, the list is endless.

Why do we think that we can depend on these things for happiness, help, relief, or peace when all they have done is cause us grief, pain, and anxiety.

The moral of the story is clear-stay in constant contact with the Lord in all you do. All-day, all night, not just when troubles come. Depend on him, he wants to help as much today as he did yesterday when you fell. That's why accessories like the verse we are focusing on are so important. To have ingrained in my heart and head to seek him first in everything.

The habit we need to change is the very thing that keeps us from relying on him in times of need.

Deliberate Dependence. It works.

Peace on your weekend,


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