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Thank you for your interest in Joyful Surrender. Here you will be encouraged and equipped to find new joy when you surrender your alcohol addiction to Christ.

Ephesians 3:20 tells us "HE can do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine."


This group is about active participation. As a member, you will need to commit to commenting and sharing in the forum (much like a Facebook page) here. The forum is private and is not accessible to the public. Our meetings are once a week on Monday nights @ 8:00 pm ET via Zoom.


You must attend no less than twice a month. If the night or time is an issue we will work to make it work for you. The best thing about this group is that everyone here knows exactly how you feel and is seeking a new life in sobriety. We are using our faith in the Lord as our biggest sober tool. I invite you to walk in that truth today with us. This group is about staying sober and building a support system. It is not a group to convince you to get sober. Day ones are accepted but be ready to commit! 

Please answer all of the questions thoroughly and follow up with the link to schedule a conversation in the last question.

Be excited! You are embarking on a life-changing journey where you will leave behind the pain that addiction brings you and find true joy in the surrender.


I am so glad you are here.


Process for Joining  the Joyful Surrender Community

Step 1 - Review the group rules here.  

Step 2 - Fill out the Joyful Surrender Community form by clicking join in the box below and Schedule Your Conversation with Sherry.

Step 3 - Get approved and begin participating in the Joyful Surrender Community.