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Journey Of Hope

I've been asked to serve on a Board of Directors. Yes, me. It's not exactly what I was looking to do in my “spare” time. This one's different though, close to my heart.


When I finally got sober, I told myself that I would always say yes to helping other people in the recovery journey when possible. You know phone calls, texts, rides to meetings, the norm. I didn’t think this would include serving on a board. But it does, and it’s needed.

My friend Bonnie has a passion for yoga and recovery. Not just because of me and my addiction, but for all that we are recovering from. Because really? Aren’t we all recovering from something?

Recovery isn’t just about addiction. It's about trauma, abuse, grief, depression, anxiety, co-dependence. All of those things (and many more) will take you on a recovery journey.

That is where Journey of Hope Yoga Ministry (JOHY) comes in. The instructors, Bonnie and Ria, are certified yoga instructors with extra training in Yoga for 12 step recovery. They will be teaching classes to promote healing, and incorporating Scripture and prayer. To my knowledge, there isn’t anything like this around. And it’s needed.

I read out of a book by Marianne Williamson every morning. In a nutshell, she writes about love and miracles. Her writing is extraordinary. If you want to know more about this book, it's here on my website. (You can also share your thoughts there with me!)

That's what yoga for recovery can do. Help us explore, burn through and liberate ourselves from the pain of those things that are holding us back from a life of joy. So we can move on and do that, although we will need to dig deep. For me, that’s scary and it might be for you too. If we don’t acknowledge the pain we've buried, it has power over us. I don’t want any of the pain I have endured to have power over me. That ship has sailed.

“Yes, my soul finds rest in God; my hope comes from him.” - Psalm 62:5

That verse is the theme of this non-profit ministry. I encourage you to check them out and if it’s not for you, tell someone you think it might be for.

I’m excited to be a part of this. Who knows? Maybe you’ll see me in a class. Maybe…

Peace on your weekend,



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