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I am at a loss as to where to start this week! I've had a whirlwind two weeks of fun, sun, family, friends, and then there was that half-marathon thing!

That is what is freshest in my mind, so I want to write about that today. I have lots more to share than just that day - stay tuned.

I read my journal entry from the day after the race and thought that might be the best way to share how I was feeling:

April 29, 2018 - Sherry’s Journal

I know I felt the power of prayer yesterday as I have many times in life, but have I ever acknowledged it in the moment like I did yesterday? I know when I reflect back on the especially hard times, I’m like, “Wow, I was definitely being prayed for.”

Yesterday though, was different. I was peaceful when I went to bed the night before. I woke up peaceful. I waited in the starting gate peacefully. I ran peacefully. It didn’t really feel like a big deal. Surreal, like I was watching someone else running. I was excited and when I got going my first thought was, ” This is no big deal, I got this.” 

I approach things differently in life, I can tell. Relying and knowing that prayers are at work in the moment. Not that they might work, but that they will. I was amazed at how the miles flew by! The hills were a bitch, my quads are still on fire. I cried when I saw all my kids at mile 12 and the adrenaline they gifted me for those last few miles is indescribable. I didn’t care what anyone else was doing I just prayed through. Had a constant conversation with God. It got me to the finish line. As I crossed, I said, “Thank you,” out loud.

I share that with you for one reason only. Believe in the power of prayer. Acknowledge and receive it in the moment. You will never be the same. I have often looked back on the hard times in my life and thought, yeah that was totally prayer that got me through. But how about in the actual moment. Telling yourself, “I feel them and they are are working.” That was my experience last Saturday.

Then there were the signs. So many fun signs from people. I bust out laughing so many times!

Here are a few of my favorites:

You laughed, right? I know I did! The fans were great and there were quite a few R rated signs that I won't share, but honestly, they were funny too.

Then there's these two. One of my favorite sign (I made myself believe there would be Costco cake at the end) and one of this little guy. If you read last week's blog about the drums, you get it. He was doing his drum solo for about 5 hours! He had a street corner for a stage and 40,000 runners for his audience. He performed and lifted us up. Love that.

This half marathon was a challenge. I am not a runner and my feet reminded me of that oftenwhile training. I had not ran very much since my ten mile training run about a month before the race. My feet were so sore that every time I attempted to run, it went badly. 

My daughter, Olivia, who ran the full 26.2 (GO LIV!) was having a lot of knee pain while training. Her doctor told her to quit running and get on an elliptical or bike to keep her cardio up for that last month. After about two weeks of arguing with my feet and losing sleep over it, I decided to follow the same advice. I biked as much as possible. Once I made that choice to bike I also handed my drama over to God. Instead of worrying about it, I asked people to pray for my feet. And they did. My feet didn’t bother me at all during the race. Maybe they were hurting, but I feel like my quads totally took over worrying about my feet. 

After the race, we all went to cheer on Olivia through her last miles, had a picnic by the food trucks and hung out together. I crashed when we got back to the house. Woke up and ate 3 cupcakes that my daughter had picked up. Not my plan, but have you had Gigi's Cupcakes? They are amazing! That was my dinner. You get to do that after a half marathon. At least in my rulebook.

Olivia and I started pursuing this goal way back when Otto had his first surgery. This marathon is for St. Jude's and we felt that running for a cause, children, would be meaningful. And it was - in so many ways. Along the race path, there were banners of children who had been cared for at St. Jude's. We may not have been at St. Jude's this past year, but we do know how it feels to watch a child you love struggle. How thankful you are for the care they receive. So, we ran with Otto watching. Insert tears here, there were a lot of them.

I share my experience with you because this is what we should be doing every day. Cheering each other along in the marathon of life. This sign made me think of this as I ran. 

"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just in fact as you are doing." - I Thessalonians 5:11

This world works better if we run together.  

Peace on your weekend and thanks for the encouragement,



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