Blog Break

I hope you're not disappointed but I am taking a break from blogging this month. Hear me out! We have just come off one of the most seriously craziest summers in Hoppenworld history!

Don’t get me wrong, it's all good stuff. Traveling, moving, engagements, weddings, and babies.

Like I said all good stuff, but when you throw all that in with everyday life it gets a little crazy.

This month is the writers' conference I head up and I need to focus on that and be back full force in October. I’ll still be around posting and encouraging, so don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Tomorrow I will have an invite to a discussion about what Sober September is doing for you so watch for that.

I’m a big proponent of self care. So I am trying to do just that.

This weekend, my husband is taking me biking on some of my favorite trails up north. I am so looking forward to it! That is the best kind of self care I can think of. Oh and ice cream at the break stops! We just need to refresh and hang out together, and it's my birthday next week so we are celebrating a little early.

Anyway, thanks for understanding and have a fabulous weekend. Love that it's cooler out and I’m thinking about my boots. Like where are they????

Peace on your weekend,



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