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A question for you

Hi friend, I hope this June day finds you well and hopefully amidst the same sunshine I am enjoying today!

I have been working on a blog post for a while and would love your input.

It is about the beauty you have found in life these past few months that will last. Beauty that you want to keep on going in your life. Another way to think about this is; there are many many damaging effects of the pandemic we have gone through, but what is the lasting effect of beauty that will remain in your life? The beauty you didn't see coming? Just tell me in as few words (or as many as you need) what that is in your life. Your words will be anonymous of course, but I would love a list to share with others. Your words might make someone aware of something they have missed!

Philosopher and teacher Confucius said this of beauty: "Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it."

Seems quite pertinent to the state of things around here wouldn't you agree?

If you have a moment today or tomorrow to email me some of your beauties, I would appreciate it!

Peace on your day,



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