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"The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it."

Norman Schwarzkoff

I consider our theme this week to be an assignment from the best instructor on how to do life well; God.

How can we be strong in doing the Lord's will if we are not putting on the FULL armor he instructs us with to keep the devil's schemes from infiltrating our lives?

I believe the keyword here is FULL. Are you using everything God is providing you with to fight your daily battles?

Think about it, he has a defense system in place and complete instructions on how to use it to win every battle the devil comes up with, yet we ignore the orders.

Sounds dangerous.

Verse 11 states: "Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil."

Another Keyword, "WHOLE."

When we only put on pieces of the armor against the enemy, he will win every time. He is a master at knowing which one we are missing, and it gives him a direct hit to our weaknesses.

My best example of continually missing some armor is trying to get sober. Until I suited up entirely on that day almost 8 years ago, nothing worked. I think of what I had previously attempted. Half-ass attempts at sobriety.

I recall a line from the AA Blue Book.

"Half measures availed us nothing. (BB p.59). How many failed attempts at surrender did I try only to get just far enough into sobriety to go off on my own? The lone ranger sober girl of surrender!

-Actual footage of me riding a horse in Jackson Hole last week.

Just Kidding.

Anyway, it didn't work; I fell off the horse every time.

So I would pick myself up and try to figure out what went wrong.

In one of our Joyful Surrender meetings, we talked about day ones and what made the last one different. What was it that finally made success ours, enabling us to win the most significant war of our lives thus far!

It all came down to asking ourselves a question, and you can apply it to any stronghold you are trying to overcome.

What is my truth?

In Ephesians, Paul gets specific about the armor we need to put on. The first one is the Belt of Truth.

In biblical times the belt was essential.

They wore robes and walked a lot. The actual belt held everything together and kept them from tripping over their robes. Everything else could fall apart (literally) if they didn't start with putting on the belt.

That is why the belt is chosen as the best example of truth. If we are not living and acting on the truth of Christ, nothing else will go well. We have this habit of not embracing things that might take a few moments, like putting on a belt.

What is my truth?

Next time you are faced with whatever you are trying to overcome, ask yourself this question: Who or what has the final say in my life? When it comes to decisions I'm making, how I navigate relationships, how I parent, how I work, how I worship and believe, who or what has the final say in my life?

Here are three things the Bible reveals about how truth can change our lives:

  1. The truth will set you free

  2. The truth allows you to be prepared

  3. The truth guides you into safe paths

What is my truth?

Remember to put on the armor that holds it all together and keeps you from tripping.

If I could write what the belt of truth is in one sentence, it would be this:

To fasten on the belt of truth is to give Christ the final say in my life and every decision I make.

Know your truth. It will set you free.

I am confident I wore a belt on November 6, 2013.

Peace on your weekend,



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