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The Power is On.

It's been storming here all week here in West Michigan and everywhere else in the Midwest! I was not too fond of storms when I was a kid and when my Mom said to head to the basement, I was always good with it.

This week on the night of storm #2, we lost power, and it didn’t come right back on. That’s not good. Instantly my mind goes to all the things that I am about to be robbed of without power! You know important things like flushing, ice cubes, and air conditioning. We rely on power for so many things, and you don't realize it until you don't have it!

It got me thinking, because there was time for that and it didn’t require electricity, plus my phone died.

What if we relied on the power of God as much as we did the electric company?

Think about it! Someone you love is sick, grieving, in an accident, stuck in addiction… and you say; “nothings happening, the power must be out.” When our power went out, I got a text that told me it was out (I had already figured that out) and told me I would get an estimated restoration time when they knew the cause of it.

What if God did that? Suppose he turned the power off; would we find we rely on that just as much as we do the electric? I would panic. I trust it's always there. If I ever feel like his power is not with me, it's on me, not God. Just because God doesn’t send us a text update doesn’t mean he isn’t at work. If he did send us that text, it would always say the same thing.

The power of God is continuous and steady.

If I think back over my life, I can clearly see how God's power was at work in so many ways I was not aware of. That when I wanted to give up, was weak, his power became very evident. That’s just it though, God's power is there for us when we want to give up and when we are coasting through life with an "I got this" kind of attitude. You don't get to own the good and only ask for his power when you need it. It's there always.

The Bible is full of true stories where God's power is at work. There is everything from Walking on Water to raising Lazurus from the Dead. Let's not forget about creation and resurrection, too; those are pretty big. There are many stories in my life and yours where you can clearly see his hand in work. And when you can't see it, you have to have the faith that he is still there and providing the power for whatever you need.

This week's theme in our Joyful Surrender group is based on this verse.

"You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You." Isaiah 26:3

We are learning from this verse to be peaceful and ready BEFORE the storm comes by doing the things that keep us peaceful.

I am working on it.

I am that person who starts the day so peaceful, but as the day goes on, I forget about what brought me peace during my quiet time with God that started my day and becomes all consumed with the never-ending to-do list I always have going. I learned from focusing on this verse this week that it's not what you get done in a day that matters. It is HOW you do it that makes a difference.

Much of my work is writing-and if I treat it as a job, nothing worth typing comes out of it. But when I get quiet with God and ask for him to provide the words, my hands fly across the keyboard.

Peace in my work.

If I look at making dinner with joy and gratitude that we have food to eat and I have a husband who appreciates it instead of a chore that interrupts my afternoon, dinner is always more enjoyable.

Peace in my home.

I start the day with Him. Keep close to my heart what I have learned and let it direct my day.

Peace in my heart and mind.

When I look at interruptions as divine appointments instead of inconveniences.

Peace in my relationships.

When I ask him to direct my next steps and show me what to do when there are too many things to accomplish in a day.

Peace in my schedule.

All these things add up to continuous peace. When I am filling up with this peace that only God can provide, I am not tempted to try and fill the empty places with alcohol, food, shopping, or any other bad habit that we can turn to. It hasn't ever worked, and it never will. If you are struggling with quitting anything that is hijacking your life, get quiet with God. Find the lasting peace that passes all understanding.

Find peace, and you will find a permanent solution to the wars that rage around you each day.

When the storms of life are upon you, and life is hard and seemingly hopeless. Just know the power is on.

Peace on your Weekend,



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