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Testimony Tuesday

Happy last day of June! How is that possible? My daughter Abby, and I went antiquing yesterday and we were discussing how that no matter what is happening in our lives, time just flies. This observation was made when we were astounded at how quickly time had passed while we explored two of the biggest antique stores I have ever been in. In Ohio mind you, somethings are worth covering a little ground for!

Anyway, that brings us not only to the last day of the month but its Tuesday and I have another interview to share with you. Thank you Thank you Thank you for all the positive responses to last weeks interview with Michelle. If you missed it, just head over to the blog tab on the website and you will see it. You can also head to the Community tab on and find it there. I received a lot of pm's about last week's testimony but if you could leave comments on the community page for the speaker to see, it would be such a blessing of encouragement to them. This is hard to do! Telling your hard story brings with it a slew of emotions that include fear and doubt. So far, anyone that has done this has been grateful they did. It is so liberating to declare freedom from the past and share with others what you did to get there and how God continues to shine your light in sober life.

This week you can listen here to Kelly's testimony, I have grown pretty close to this special lady. She is a voice of recovery and so much more. Her testimony of how God moved her into putting down her drink for the last time is one you will appreciate. After you listen be sure to show some positive support and leave a comment in the community. I'm so grateful for Kelly's willingness to share and I know you will be too.

Enjoy and have a great Tuesday!

Peace & Blessings,



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