Testimony Tuesday

Updated: Jun 30

What is Testimony Tuesday??? It is the opportunity for you to hear real stories of women walking in faith towards recovery. Just like addiction, recovery looks different for everyone.. I am listening to women tell their stories of faith and recovery and want to share them with you as well.

This week we have Michelle. Michelle shares with us what it felt like to be an extremely high functioning Christian woman caught in the grips of an addiction to alcohol. Sound familiar?

For Michelle, the tipping point was the death of her Mom."I felt like my soul was being worn away by alcohol. "

Listen to Michelle tell her hard story here.

On behalf of Michelle, I welcome your comments and encouragement in the "Testimony Tuesday" part of the community forum. You can find that here

Are you being nudged to share your hard story? Is God asking you to use it for good? Then let's talk! for more information send me an email and we can have a conversation. Remember, this can be done anonymously. Thanks!

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