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Take Me To Church

It's Palm Sunday today and I am missing my church. Not just the church we attend today, but the church where my kids grew up. When on Palm Sunday they walked in waving palms (and slapping each other because it's just too tempting) while we sang Hosanna.

"Hosanna, loud hosanna,

the little children sang,

through pillared court and temple

the lovely anthem rang.

To Jesus, who had blessed them

close folded to his breast,

the children sang their praises,

the simplest and the best."

The United Methodist Hymnal Number 278

I hope you are smiling right now as you sing that song to yourself. I know I did. While I am grateful to have these memories to cherish, things change and that can be kind of sad sometimes. Nothing ever stays the same as we are finding out with each and every passing day.

After watching our church service online in my husband's office (with a congregation of various animals on the walls) we had a conversation about the old days and what the new days are bringing.

  • They bring things like visiting my grandson from 6 feet away while he hangs out of the sunroof of their car in our driveway (his Mom told him he was in a parade) He is channeling his inner politician or preacher, not sure

  • They bring anxiety because we have no idea how long this will last

  • They bring us long days of canceled agendas

  • They bring us to an internet church in our homes

  • They bring us to an understanding of why "one day at a time" works so well in recovery

I have seen a few posts about Easter being canceled and it literally makes me want to cry. Yes, the social gathering with family, the outfits, the candy, and the egg hunt, canceled. That in no way cancels Easter though! Those are all man-made ideas we have adapted over the years and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them as long as you remember why we celebrate. Why Easter is never canceled.

Easter, the day Christ rose from the grave to save us from our sins. You, me, and everyone else. He offers it to All. Salvation is free because he already paid for it. If you could learn one thing this week on the road to the empty tomb, learn this; Someone died for you because he loves you and wants to bless you with the gift of eternal life. Its an amazing story and you can read it here

I encourage you to do that this week in the days leading up to the celebration that cannot be canceled. I am going to be doing a Holy Week Devotional I would love to have you join me in. Just go to this link and sign up. I will be discussing it on my She Surrenders Facebook page and I would love to have some input from you. I am craving social interaction!

Make today your best day of social distancing yet! Be with the one or ones you love and enjoy the gift of the son and the sun.

Have A Blessed Palm Sunday!



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