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Slay the Day

I love that phrase. I love it even more when it’s actually happening. I just wrote in my journal that I knocked a ton of annoying to-do things off my list yesterday. Mostly involving returns, ordering, pickups, and drop offs. Nothing too exciting except for an Anthropologie return (so I did do a quick browse because it was my highlight stop.) It is important to always have a highlight stop.

I tried to be intentional about doing a few things while I crossed things off the mundane list. I decided to be extra kind to everyone I ran into, and to give some money to every bell ringer I encountered. I’m so glad I did.

It really made a difference! I thought a few times to myself. People are so nice today!

I wore my bright yellow coat, and every single place, and I mean at every single one I received a compliment on my bright and cheery outerwear! Note To self, wear bright clothing On gray days!

Point here is you get what you give. Not always, but in yesterdays case I did. I had a great day because I took my focus off the negative side of my day (because there was a million things I would rather do) and tried to stay focused on the positive side of life.

I encourage you to carry that into the weekend. No matter what you have to do or are trying to avoid, shift the focus and see what happens. Love others throughout the day like He loves us. You might just get a little surprise present with your name on it.

Have a great weekend


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