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Essential·adjective-absolutely necessary; extremely important.

Let's talk about what's essential here. For me, it's getting out on my bike and filling up with adrenaline and sunshine!

Nobody wants to say it out loud, but how many of you were relieved when you heard liquor would still be available when the stay at home order came through?

If I were still drinking I would've been good with it but... it would've been a catastrophe. I made a list of these potential catastrophes for you.

I call this list - things that would've happened in quarantine had I still been drinking;

  1. I would've tried to quit at least a few times by now. Basically Monday-Thursday just to give in on Friday from boredom or frustration and start drinking again.

  2. I would've gained the COVID 19-When I drank, my boundaries blurred and I ate whatever the heck I wanted. Who knows? I easily could've exceeded the nineteen-pound mark!

  3. I would not have gotten any of the projects done that I am so proud of accomplishing these last two months. There would have been plenty of them started, but not finished. All productivity ended when I would start drinking.

  4. My anxiety would've been through the roof. Alcohol does that anyway, add in a pandemic and you have a hot mess.

  5. My credit card bill would definitely cause some trouble with the Mr. I was the drinker that online ordered often and was always surprised by what showed up on my doorstep.

  6. There would've been a few more arguments around here. Have you found yourself a little more argumentative (or touchy) being cooped up all the time with family? That might've happened a few times here, but if I was drinking it would've been like a game of survivor around here. Inevitably I would've been kicked off the island.

  7. In Virus related drinking, I would've exposed myself unnecessarily (often) to go on a booze run. I would have to sneak as there isn't a whole lot of reasons for me to be awol. Craig has gotten awfully used to me being here and if I was missing I would have to lie about my whereabouts.

There is so much more I could add to this shortlist but you get the idea. So how is it that liquor is being called an essential item. I know I know its all about the government, they did the same thing with lotto. Incidentally, I heard a radio ad from our governor that said: "you don't need to go into the store to buy lotto, you can do this online." Thank you, Governor! Now, not only can we have liquor delivered, but we are also encouraged to online gamble!

Sorry for the pent up sarcasm. I'll save it for another blog...

So how's your drinking been? Lots of temptation and enticement around drinking right now. So let me ask you this. Are you, or someone you know starting the week with a

"This week I will not______________."

Is that blank filled in with the word drink? Drink before Friday? Drink before 5? This is probably not your first attempt and this is week 9 (I think) of staying home, so how's that working for you?

Is it a good idea to try and quit drinking during this weird time we are experiencing? I believe the answer is yes and here's why:

  • you can't go to the bar anyway, social peer pressure is off

  • no invites from others to stop in for a drink

  • if you are wanting to see what a 12 step meeting is all about, now is your time because you can join online and totally fly under the radar

  • you have time to get quiet with God and ask for help

  • while you're at it phone a friend and ask for accountability

  • virus or no virus every day is a good day to say goodbye to whatever is ruining your life

I realize these are mostly my thoughts and my opinions. Here are some facts for you though from local headline news here in West Michigan:

  1. U.S. online alcohol sales jump 243% during coronavirus pandemic

  2. A West Michigan county sheriff's department says drunk driving incidents are becoming an almost daily occurrence. 

  3. Quarantine Life Causes Spike in Online Gaming

That is hard for me to read, maybe it is for you too for various reasons. It makes my heart sad to think about how many people are trapped in the daily cycle of addictive drinking. Take action today to come out of this better than when you went in. It is possible. The time is now because just maybe...

Peace on your weekend,


If you feel you need medical help or advice click here


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