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Collateral Damage or Collateral Beauty? You decide.

I was in my car when I first heard the words Collateral and Beauty spoken together. I quickly asked Siri to assist me in putting these words into the notes on my phone. I do this often with Siri. I often wonder if the next phone upgrade will equip Siri with the ability to ask me why she has to save all these random thoughts of mine. This was over a month ago and I've been unpacking those two words for a while. Collateral damage is a phrase we are all familiar with, but collateral beauty? This is a new one for me.

The definition of Collateral Damage is "injury inflicted on something other than an intended target." We are all experiencing collateral damage in some way shape or form from the recent pandemic in our world. Every one of us is an unintended target that the arrow has hit a bullseye with in some way or another. The future of our economy is full of unknowns, the kids are confused, their parents are stir crazy and just plain over it. To mask or not to mask? Some of us are mad at ourselves for eating and/or drinking through the last few months and most of just plain miss what we considered a normal life.

Is the Collateral damage of Covid-19 permanent? I believe some of it is, but what if we could make the beauty of it permanent as well?

Philosopher and teacher Confucius said this of beauty: "Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it."

Seems quite pertinent to the state of things around here wouldn't you agree? I wrote about believing in the opportunity last month and you can read it here. That was written from my vision and perspective and the word beauty isn't mentioned. Confuscious says we all see beauty differently and as I have some conversations around it I understand it better. Let's change the conversation from the unintended target for injury of the recent months to the beauty inflicted on us that I believe to be intentional. I serve a God that does nothing by accident.

I asked a few of you for the beauty you have seen in your accomplishments over the last few months and here is the shortlist.

  • My daughter and I discovered that we both love to crochet! My mom took the time to teach us both and it has become our favorite pastime while watching endless Gilmore Girls

  • I used the two hours I would usually spend commuting to re-connect with God. Reading, praying, and journaling.

  • I quit drinking. I took advantage of the isolation and the removal of the temptation to go out and socialize. applause🏆👏 (sorry, a personal favorite)

  • I made a cookbook of all our family recipes!

  • I embraced the gift of time and on the cold days (months) I researched everything I could on starting a garden and when spring finally arrived I planted one for the first time.

  • I was going nuts not going to the office so I became a volunteer to assemble and distribute meals. I loved it so much I am now a permanent volunteer even though I am back to work.

  • Purged my house from top to bottom and oh the peace I have from this!!!

  • Potty trained my kiddo

  • I got back into running and found my runners high back!

  • Got out my old sewing machine to make masks and its still out as I have rediscovered a much-loved hobby

  • My husband and I were forced to spend time together. I feel like I have reconnected with an old friend!

  • I have found the beauty of being still and have no desire to re-amp up my life.

  • I have learned that less is more. The less I have the more time I have for the things I enjoy.

There is a lot of beauty in the above list. Herein lies a challenge though. Will you keep it beautiful? As I typed this song came to mind. I haven't heard it in years but I remember hearing it when I was trapped in the claws of addiction. This line "So tell me What is our ending? Will it be beautiful? So beautiful?" I wanted to know as I cried out to God for assurance that it was going to be ok. Now I see CLEARLY that had this beauty been instantly revealed I wouldn't've have appreciated it near as much. I should've just trusted that life would be beautiful on the other side of addiction. So easy right? I'm going to choose the same belief when it comes to the effects of a pandemic on us. Trust the One who created beauty. And that my friend, is a peaceful place to rest.

Oh, tragedy Has taken so many Love lost cause they all Forgot who You were And it scares me to think That I would choose My life over You Oh, my selfish heart Divides me from You It tears us apart So tell me What is our ending? Will it be beautiful So beautiful? Oh, why do I Let myself let go Of Hands that painted the stars And hold tears that fall? And the pride of my heart Makes me forget It's not me but You Who makes the heartbeat I'm lost without You And dying from me So tell me What is our ending? Will it be beautiful So beautiful? Will my life Find me by Your side? Your love is beautiful So beautiful At the end of it all I wanna be in Your arms At the end of it all I wanna be in Your arms At the end of it all I wanna be in Your arms At the end of it all I wanna be in Your arms So tell me What is our ending? Will it be beautiful So beautiful? Will my life Find me by Your side? 'Cause Your love is beautiful So beautiful


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