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Believe in the Opportunity

This picture is deceiving. I am not enjoying playing the piano at all. I'm not even playing the piano. I'm laughing because I am pretending to play the piano. A good reminder of an opportunity in front of me that is not going to be acted upon. I thought I could learn to play a few favorites on the piano during this stay at home time of life. I was mistaken. I don't like to do things I am not good at and playing the piano is a prime example. What I am good at is tapping the app on my phone and having the piano start playing for me. I don't think I am imagining the fact that the piano always sounds giddy to be back on its own.

The last blog I wrote was all about being intentional and not wasting the opportunity to start or stop something during this stay at home time in life. Specifically, if you were thinking about quitting a bad habit (like drinking) or starting something new, the time is now.

I forgot to mention something else though, about this time of opportunity you have in front of you. You need to believe in it. Believe in the Opportunity.

I spoke about this topic a few years ago at a university chapel long before we even knew what the word COVID meant. The talk was based on a Bible story found in Mark chapter five about the woman who touched Jesus's robe just to be healed.

God is putting an opportunity in front of you for something and only you know what that looks like. But do you believe it? Is it an opportunity to quit something or is it an opportunity to start something. Or is it both?

I invite you to listen to it here and decide. C'mon, I know you have time.

Stay peaceful,



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