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Baby Love

Relax, it's only Wednesday. I know you usually see my blog on Thursdays but I wanted to change it up a bit this week.  

I only have one thing on my mind this week. Thursday, we meet our second grandchild. Abby is having a C-Section and goldfish will finally meet all of us who have been so very anxiously waiting to meet him or her. I want to hold him/her and see for myself how fearfully and wonderfully made this baby is.  

But there’s something else. Before I was Grandma, I am Mom and my baby is having a baby. My mind can’t go much further than that. She is my number one thought every day. How is she feeling today? Physically? Emotionally? Spiritually?

I remember so many details of carrying her for nine months and now, she is feeling this too.  This first, the biggest first we as women are blessed to experience is now going to be hers.   

The baby has a heart condition called AVSD that will require heart surgery when it is stronger. Like I said to Abby just a few hours ago, one thing at a time. First, this baby needs to make an appearance. Thursday holds many unanswered questions. There is no birth plan. Everything is contingent on the baby's condition at birth. Everything will happen as it should, one step at a time. We just have to trust and we do. I feel enormous peace as I write this. The power of prayer is so evident here and has been all along. 

So I ask from this mother's heart to please pray for this little family of soon-to-be three. Lift them up in love and pray for baby to be healthy and strong.  




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