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Sherry Hoppen
Sherry Hoppen

Encouraging freedom from addiction with Biblical truths,  a deepening relationship with the Lord, and the fellowship found in the healing community of She Surrenders.



Recovery Coach

Photo Credit for Sherry's pictures: @sincerelyashley

Encouraging freedom from addiction

I’m honored you are here. Trust me; you don’t have to go through this alone. Together we will surrender to God’s leading. My story is about a spiritual, emotional, and physical journey to draw nearer to God and a stubborn refusal to let addiction define who I am.

This community is the saving grace that blesses me daily, and I pray it will also bless you.

Sherry Hoppen

She Surrenders -The Podcast-

"Surrender Your Whole Being to Him to be Used for Righteous Purpose"  Romans 6:13

Sherry’s 10-year struggle with alcohol ended in surrender to God and a 1,000-mile bike trip. There is an easier way! Sherry started She Surrenders out of a place of needing to hear more humor and encouragement for women of faith struggling with their secrets of addiction. Her heart is to share everything about recovery and what it looks like to surrender to God and the life He is calling you to live. Whatever you struggle with, you are in the right place to find encouragement and comfort that you are not alone. We all have our stuff.

Sherry Hoppen
She Surrenders
Sherry Hoppen
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Use faith as your biggest tool

Blurry Forest

Sober Cycle

-Pedaling Through Recovery One Day At A Time-


The Updated Second Edtion of

Sober Cycle!

It's Finallu Here!

Sober Cycle-The Second Edition has a brand new look and feel! 

The Hardcover AND Audible version (recorded by Sherry herself) was released on April 30, 2024. It includes a book club guide, a study guide, information on Sherry's next book, and additions to the story you loved from the first release.

Sober Cycle is the true story of Sherry's fight to escape alcoholism and all its shame and secrecy. Written with a balance of honesty and humor, Sherry holds nothing back as she details her secret double life as an addicted follower of Christ. Recounting the many failed attempts to reach sobriety the hard way, Sherry offers hope to others without judgment or useless clichés, assuring fellow believers that redemption and healing can be found—without riding a bike for thousands of miles. 

Addictions—whether it is drinking, excessive spending, prescription drugs, gambling, social media, or being entangled in sexual sin—can be found in every walk of life. Still, you can find your way to freedom and find a profoundly satisfying partner in Jesus to help you get there. No biking is required, although it is highly recommended!

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