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Then Sings My Soul

We sang the hymn this morning that has that line in it and it caused me to ask myself, "What is making my soul sing these days? " I know I have been missing a lot of the "Christmas feels" this year So I made a list of things I can fall back on to get there. A few of these I have actually done and I am game to try a few more this week.

Although I like the cookie dough idea the most, here are a few more!

  • Watch a video of a Christmas Program your adult children are in

  • On a day you are out on endless errands, carry lots of one-dollar bills and put one in the kettle every time you pass by a bell ringer. It also gets rid of the guilt you feel every time you walk past one and they say "Merry Christmas" and you feel like Scrooge.

  • On the same said errand day glue a paint stick on a paper plate and write "God Bless you" on it and hold it up every time you experience road rage. This is much more effective than the middle finger.

  • Make a Birthday Cake for Jesus with your grandson, because yes, it is Jesus's Birthday and you both love cake.

  • Choose a verse from Luke 2. Write it out on a post-it note and keep it in front of you all day. Very effective at keeping you grounded in the true meaning of Christmas.

  • Go buy ten (or more) pairs of warm socks and drop them off at a mission

  • Blast Christmas music so loud that you sound really really good when you sing

  • Pay for the person's order behind you in the drive-thru line and tell the cashier to tell the recipient "Merry Christmas you filthy animal" or maybe just "Merry Christmas" depends on the cashier.

  • A Christmas tree, an afghan, a book, and a cup of coffee. Need I say more.

  • Watch Elf or The Christmas Story (The Ralphie Movie as we Hoppens call it)

Just a few ideas to help you stay focused this week as you finish up shopping, meal planning, wrapping, or if you are in my shoes, you still have to put up a tree. Hey, its on the list.

Have a great week!



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