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Let Him Show Me

Happy Holiday Weekend Everyone! This is truly how I feel when Labor Day approaches! Sure, the weather may still feel like summer, but the rest of life does not. It’s time to get back to real life and “remember what day of the week it is.”

I have been immersed and isolated in a project this past week that I neglected all summer. I am getting ready for a conference at the end of September. Our September is crazy busy without much alone time, so I took full advantage of this past week being all by myself.

I decided to not do my regular blog post this week so I could focus on some other things. I’ll still give you a quick recap of life last week in Hoppenland.

Last week, the main focus was moving our daughter back to college. Yes, I cried. This never gets easier. We had a really good summer together and I will miss her a lot. Okay, she comes home twice a week, but it’s not the same, as many of you know! How can she be a junior already!?!

God knew we were going to need a little pick-me- up, so he gave us our favorite one year old for the entire weekend. We had our grandson while his Daddy and Mommy went away for their anniversary. Oh my heart! I cannot get enough of that kid. He has his Grandpa and Grandma right where he wants them! We took him to a farmers market, swimming, playground, donut run, numerous walks. The walks were part of a greater plan to tire him out. He has so much energy! Mission accomplished; we did wear him out. I have to be honest, after he left Sunday afternoon, we crashed too!

Our weekend ended with a boat ride at sunset Sunday night. We were relishing the quiet after a busy weekend with a toddler. We watched from the boat as a church held a baptism on the beach. There were eighty baptisms total. Quite a sight to behold!

This Holiday weekend, we are looking forward to having our whole family out for one last summer hurrah here at the cottage. Nothing makes my heart happier than having all my kids together in one place. Next week, I will be writing about turning 50. Yes, that is happening very soon. I have been doing a lot of reflecting. A lot. Can’t wait to share with you!

I want to leave you with a verse that has been on my heart this week, in the midst of all this change and transition. This is the time of year where “extreme-planner-control-freak-Sherry” usually takes over. I typically go into fall with my list (emphasis on my) of things to do. That gets to the point where I drive myself and my husband nuts!

This year, I am going to try to hang on to my summer mentality of being a little more laid back in my approach to everyday life. Try to show up and live out God's will for me that day. I have so many paths I could take everyday, but as the verse says, “let him show me.” Sounds way more peaceful to transition from summer into fall, doesn't it?!

In the meantime, enjoy the last official weekend of the summer!




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