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It's Happening!

Yes, it is December 23. Are you relieved? Prepared? Stressed? Whatever it is that you are feeling about Christmas this morning you are sure of one thing. It is happening.

I am not ready. We have a tree without ornaments. The presents are not wrapped. The food is not prepped. For some incredibly strange reason, I am ok with this. Do I wish it was done? Of course! It will all happen today, of that I am confident. I am learning to be ok with not being super everything. That all the Christmas feels will still happen without ornaments on our tree or frosted cookies.

My point here today is this, don't ruin the moments around you today with stressing out about the things that have no effect on the real meaning of Christmas.

Stay focused on the truth. A baby, born to save.

I have been telling my oldest grandson, Landon, that we have to make a Jesus Birthday Cake together. Yesterday I took a shortcut and bought a plain white bakery cake, and all the bling to decorate it. Maybe when he is a little older we will do the whole baking process, but for a four-year-old, this is really all he wants to do anyway.

The cake no matter who baked it is for Jesus, and that's really all that matters.

Focus on what matters today as we roll into the next few days. Look at your loved ones and thank God they are with you. Sing Happy Birthday Jesus with a little one. Go to church on Christmas Eve. Read the Christmas story. Focus on what matters.

My favorite picture to date of my little guy in 2016-to me this says "through the eyes of a child."

Merry Christmas,



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