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For Such a Time as This

Here we are, another holiday weekend upon us! What does that look like for you?

For some of us, it's family, friends, food, and fireworks. A boat, a beach, a cottage, or a pool. A long beautiful Michigan summer weekend unfolds in front of us like a precious gift!

For some of us, on the surface, it looks very similar. Family, friends, food, and fireworks. A boat, a beach, a cottage, or a pool. A long beautiful Michigan summer weekend awaits except for one thing. The thoughts running through your head about your drinking.

What if it didn't have to be that way? What if there was a place you could go for the support you want this weekend?

I was that woman, it's part of my history, but it is not my present. If you want proof of what He can do with a former "party all weekend kind of girl," I am living proof that we serve a God of miracles.

That being said, here I am writing a post about staying sober and how I want to help you.

I want to invite you to Joyful Surrender, a private group on the She Surrenders website. this is what you have been looking for—faith-based recovery support. No judgment here. We are all where you are, have been where you are, and get it.

Joyful Surrender is a group for faith-based recovery that was only available on Facebook until now. It looks like a Facebook group, but it is on my website instead of a social media platform. I am moving Joyful Surrender to a new space here on the She Surrenders website for a few reasons:

  • In this forum, I can guarantee privacy.

  • I do not “own” my space on Facebook. They have the power to block me (which they have before) and filter what I say if they so desire. No, thank you.

  • Not everyone is on Facebook or desires to be.

Joyful Surrender is a safe place to ask for help, encouragement, advice, and find other women in the same place you are in your sober journey. It was previously on the website but not private.

With the help of someone much more technical than me, it is now a safe, private space. Anyone else here who has joined can share resources, ask a question, and celebrate a day one or a day 100. We meet each other where you are.

Joyful Surrender has a virtual meeting every Thursday Night at 7:00 ET. This is a change as they were previously on Monday Nights. In-person meetings will begin in the fall for the locals, but I would love to see you here first. Who are these meetings for, you ask?

  • Women of faith-questioning their relationship with alcohol

  • Women that are in recovery or attempting to get there

  • Women with a sincere desire to encourage others with their own journey

  • Women that are seeking encouragement from others that are in (or have been) in their shoes

I post the link for this Zoom meeting every Thursday at 6:50 pm on the forum, and all you have to do is join. Make sure you have the Zoom app downloaded first, and I will ask you to have your video on. If you are not comfortable with that, sit in a dim room, but it's too hard to talk with each other when you can't see a face with the name. These meetings are all about connection, so it just makes sense. I am usually the leader of these meetings, but if I cannot be there, another group member will facilitate.

The meetings are not a requirement as a JS member, but I highly encourage them. I promise you will never regret showing up. To laugh, cry, and share for an hour is very empowering! Sometimes we have a topic, and other times the topic is determined by the need that night.

How do you join Joyful Surrender? To join JS, you have to subscribe through the website and check the code of conduct. Then request to join JS by clicking on the Joyful Surrender link on the menu and click on join. From there, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire. Until you are a member, you will only be able to view the group and what it is about. When you join, you will be able to read comments and participate. I am the only one who will see your questionnaire and admit you to the group. The group will be moved over as of July 1. The opportunity to join is now!

I have talked to many of you about this opportunity, and I am so glad it is finally happening! I invite you to embrace it and dive in. If you have any questions about the group and wonder if it's right for you, please contact me. I will be happy to answer your questions.

If you are hesitant to take this step, pray into it today. Pray, believing in his plan for you.

This is a divine appointment you do not want to miss.

See you soon,



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