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Do You need a little extra today?

I do, and so far, God has already delivered some extra I needed to feel a little more Christmas cheer, SNOW!!!!

Now we move into New Years' and for reasons too many to list, I know that there is a lot of hurt and pain among us today. Take your pick from the pile of 2020, and there is plenty to go around.

We have this idea of what the holidays are supposed to be, and we are so often disappointed. Who set the bar that high anyway?! Me, you, retail, and media, to name a few. We shouldn't listen to any of that, and just typing it makes me feel guilty because I do.

Focus today not on what you've done or what is missing but focus on the present. Both meanings. The present being today, this moment right now, and the present, meaning the gift. The gift of a newborn baby in a manager. The reason we celebrate Christmas.

Suppose you are struggling from poor choices this last year or even last month or maybe even last night. I want to encourage you.

Just for Today

Love whoever is in your presence

Focus on today and what it means

When stuck, WWJD all the way (kind of like jingle all the way but much more effective)

Don't think about what you have to overcome in the future; accept God's grace for today.

Pray through the anxiety-Jesus is listening.

Encourage someone else that needs to hear it-you'll feel better too.

And when any of this is hard to do, remember, it's

Just for Today


I hope and pray this message encourages you when you need it. For more encouragement, I will see you over in the Joyful Surrender community group. Just look under the community section on the website, and you will see it. I try to post in there almost every day. The conversation is just getting started, so be brave, reach out, and you will find someone else who knows exactly what you are going through. You can read what it is all about when you log in to the website and go to the community. There you will find an explanation of what Joyful Surrender is all about. You can also go mobile with the conversation by downloading the Wix App, making Joyful Surrender easy to find and keep up with. I am going to send the invite code out next to sign up. If you already are there, ignore the email.

Merry Christmas to you all and peace and blessings on your day,



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