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Break your Rules

Well, here we are, another New Years' Eve. They come once a year just like birthdays and we put pressure on ourselves for both of them, don't we!? "This year will be different" or "this is my year." Sound familiar? How about a kinder, gentler approach?

Find somewhere quiet and reflect on how this verse speaks to you;

Job 22:21 Stop quarreling with God. If you agree with him you will have peace at last and things will go well with you.

I've been going back through my journals for the last ten years as I work on the edits for my book and sometimes I just get lost in them. They make me so sad. They are full of negative self-talk, rules I should follow, boundaries I would set and list all the things I do or needed to stop doing to be a better person and to find true happiness. I focused on doing all those things usually in this order

#1 stop drinking (or in the early years it was controlling my drinking)

#2 start a diet-full of unrealistic calorie deficits and what I may not eat

#3 an insane workout schedule to go along with all these things.

I thought if I followed these rules I would be a better, happier, person. It's time to break your own rules. I found true happiness and peace when I gave up on these things that just ate at me all the time. I let them go and let God take over. I started focusing on examining my heart instead of what I put in my mouth. If you are all about setting intentions for the new year may I suggest something? Talk to God about what his expectations are for you this year. Sit quietly and let him speak to you. Declare this your year of peace that comes from within.

God bless each and every one of you.

Happy New Year,



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