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here are some ways to get plugged in and connect with me!


Sometimes knowing where to start is the hardest part. I want to help you figure out where to begin. I'd love to schedule a time with you to connect and get you plugged into the She Surrenders community. Click the button below and pick a time that works for you. 

*Please note, I will not talk with anyone while they are intoxicated. I ask that you have been at least 24 hours sober before our call.*


Joyful Surrender is a safe place to ask for help, encouragement, advice, and find a small group of women in the exact same place you are in your sober journey. You or anyone else here can share resources, ask a question, celebrate a day one or a day 100, whatever you like!

We meet virtually once a week and the meetings are not a requirement, but I highly encourage them. I promise you will never regret showing up. To  laugh, cry, and share for an hour is very empowering!


This one is where the rubber hits the road, so to speak. The only power shame has over us is to keep us quiet. That's why when we share our secrets, we feel released. We feel empowered -God is setting us free. 

I want you to share your story with me. Believe me, the first time God nudged me to share mine, I was trembling. It's terrifying. But it's also what keeps you paralyzed and holds you in that place. Nothing you share is ever shared with anyone else - not now, not ever. I simply want to hear from you and encourage you to break free. 

Let's have a conversation.

You did it - you reached out! Proud of you. I'll be in touch shortly.