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NEW! Our collection of 52 Faith-Based Cards. 

New design, along with many new quotes and scriptures! Each day, immerse yourself in a moment of divine encouragement and spiritual reflection that will inspire and uplift your heart.  Each card is a beacon of hope, offering messages of faith, love, and resilience. With sentiments drawn from timeless scriptures, wisdom, and inspirational quotes from She Surrenders, let these cards guide your spiritual journey, reminding you of the power of faith in every moment.


Weekly Verse Cards - Gift boxed with cards and decorative stand

  • Encased in our gift box, the clear window displays your gift beautifully for gift-giving.  This set is more than just a collection of cards—it's a source of daily inspiration and strength. The elegantly designed cards are accompanied by a purposeful stand, ensuring that your daily dose of faith is always within reach, whether displayed on your desk, bedside table, or any sacred space you choose. Perfect for personal reflection, prayer, or sharing with loved ones, our Faith-Based Cards are a meaningful gift for any occasion. Let the daily encouragement within these cards enrich your soul and deepen your connection with faith. 


    *Whether purchasing for personal use or as a meaningful gift, know that your choice echoes a commitment to supporting a cause we believe in. Join us in spreading hope, one card at a time, and let the ripple effect of your purchase contribute to the invaluable work of Selah House Recovery.

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