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I’m not talking about fireworks here. I am saying BAM - is it the 4th of July already?!?! That gives me anxiety because in my mind summer is halfway done when the 4th of July happens even though the calendar says differently. Hobby Lobby is putting out Christmas stuff and summer clothes are on clearance everywhere. I’m staying out of stores for the rest of the summer. I am!

I want to stay in this season of summer and be present in it for as long as possible. Fall no longer brings back-to-school for our family, but this year it’s bringing babies! Which might make it a little difficult to stay retail free for awhile. Hey, if I do shop, it's for the children. No judging!

This holiday week, I’m keeping this short and sweet. I have a houseful of friends and family and want to enjoy every summer moment available. I’m sure you don’t blame me for not wanting to hide behind a computer this week. 

I came across this verse and it sums up the essence of a day all Americans celebrate freedom:

Called to live in freedom. We celebrate freedom as Americans and that is what we celebrate today. I'm also thinking of religious freedom as I read this. That I can say what I want about my love for Christ without someone censoring it. Then there is the freedom of choice. I am free to choose whom I serve and how I decide to show it. Grateful for all of these things.

Gratitude is taking over my heart right now as I think about a day when I dreaded the summer holidays. There was no way summer fun could be had without the captain, Captain Morgan. I miss him sometimes but not very often. 

I don’t miss thinking about when I could start hanging out with him. Was it too early in the day to start? I don’t miss trying to cover the smell of spiced liquor on my breath because I did start early. I don’t miss feeling like crap and wanting a nap when I needed to make dinner. Lastly, I do not miss the morning of the 5th of July. When I woke up wondering what the hell I did the night before. Not to mention, the hangover that inevitably followed. 

Life is better without. I knew it would be, but I had no idea it would be this much better. It took some time but I will tell you this, life gets sweeter every day in more ways than I ever imagined. If you think that is not possible for you, you are wrong. So wrong. Have faith that it can. Reach out to God and to the ones you know will support you on the road to recovery and you’ll get there.  Message me if you want!  Just start the process.

Someone asked me recently if I ever thought about drinking. I do, but not because I crave it. The thought of swallowing it makes my stomach roll and that totally has to be a God thing. I am sure I could get it down if I tried, but even as I type this I feel like I could puke. When I think about drinking, it is always followed by this thought, "I am so glad I quit." Point made? I hope so. 

I will enjoy this week to the fullest by being fully present and that is a gift I receive every day in this new way of life. This week be sure to thank a veteran. We owe them so much! Be sure to thank God as well. God bless the USA!

I'm going to end with a little Lee Greenwood here, seems rather fitting:

Peace on your weekend,



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